30 Things I Learned Surviving While Queer, Poor, and Mentally Ill

So today I turn 29 years old! Holy shit. I’m finally reaching the end of my 20’s, which I’m glad for because they’ve been garbage until very recently. (What Enemas and Douches fucking difference being above the poverty line makes.) Being a queer, poor, mentally ill 20-something […]

I wanna talk about how periods are terrifying.

( Masturbators for Ladies : gender dysphoria, mental illness, suicidal thoughts, blood.) Soft Tampons ’m terrified I’m about to get my period again, so let’s talk about why. 10 Erogenous Zones You Never ConsideredPeaches and Screams started menstruating towards the end of middle school, which felt embarrassingly late at the time. Plus Size Corsets took a few months […]

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